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    How did Humans learn to speak? evolved or created




    How did speech evolve?


                What came first? The written word, the sentence, speech, or the letter? The voice needs the letters to create the word. The voice also needs the word for the speech. If the letter came before the word, then how did we speak before the letter that formed the word? If the word came before the sentence, How was the meaning of the word told without the words in a sentence formation to tell the meaning of that word?

                If words came first!  How where words firstly deciphered?  Speech without  letters would have formed the alphabet, that formed the word? Words are made from letters (symbols representing sound.)

               words are put together by symbols representing sounds; to make the spoken word. after the symbol to represent the sound that formed the word; came a sentence; to represent the words by speech? Many words and meanings must have already existed as to know the meaning of even the first word! ( If you can understand what I am saying.) The knowledge that even sound could be represented by symbols seems very complex and very unlikely to even be noticed. Trying to explain this is hard enough!

               If this was noticed by any given individual it would need to be taught, unless somebody noticed people copied what noises they made! Somebody would  have needed the knowledge that they were making sounds! they would have to put symbols representing the sounds the mouth could make. this is only of course if the ears had formed to hear speech! There is more than one member used to enable speech! The knowledge that sound existed would be needed to form the flesh to enable speech. That's another subject!

              Speech is basically gibberish, a lot of mixed up sounds that sound like words. This would be easier to say rather than write. if I write ghdklnsbsgxhdndsjdxbdjdb. What have I just said? Nothing!  this is what you do when you speak, string a lot of noises together to make understandable words. How did somebody put sounds in some sort of order to make a word understandable, or even a word? to even think they could be and for it to happen seems highly unlikely.

              Somebody must have wrote  down symbols  to represent the sounds the mouth made. Wrote it down and remembered the sound they made that corresponded to that symbol. ( How did they recall the exact sound or know they were making the same sound the next time?)(How did they know they were able to speak?)

               the complexity of sound and symbols is very hard to write and establish a solid foundation to understand.  corresponding symbols  change and make different words with the different sounds the mouth could make? Imagine the beginning when all members saying "evolved." When we were able to learn about speech or when it started! Let's say cave men to form a beginning! Intelligence  levels  where possibly low, or as today different speeds of learning capabilities! Yet none could talk, How could intelligence be measured if not by words?

              The evolving species where making some sounds, the seen more intelligent of the species started making more noise as the voice progressed; more noises where made. The flesh formed prior to words being used;  but formed with a purpose regardless of when it would be in use. The knowledge of speech must have been there before  the first human could speak! according to those who say God does not exist!

             How did something form to do a purpose and was not able to straight away do the purpose it formed to do? As obviously the knowledge of speech existed at the time the flesh formed to do such a purpose? 

             At some point in the future,  speech had somehow progressed beyond one syllable grunts, You would have needed a string of words to be able to slit up the multiple syllable grunt to find a word. (did letters come before words)(or words before letters)?

             To be speaking words; somebody must have realised they were making sounds, If  talking before the written word, how did one person understand another as it was just a sound with no meaning? (from the beginning before speech was used!).

              Some cave man drew a tree, we now know it's a tree because at some point it was called a tree. Somebody at a future point in time saw a drawing that represented something of existence. Drawings would have came first, as a child would draw, is as what a cave man would have drawn! Something he could visually see.

              Initially! Why would he draw it to communicate? Did he sit and point to a tree trying to name it?  Drawings where the start of art! But why to communicate? they would see a tree and drawer it. Drawings could lead to a type of communication if you believe that!

            Possibly, drawings would be used latter for directions to places; or even used to communicate in some way (Very short conversations I would think!).

             Drawings are recorded in caves and such! These drawings where possibly there before speech! Yet speech was capable; because the tools for speech where already in place. Maybe there where thoughts in mind but not yet written! You would think a blank canvas would seem truer. No thought at all because speech could not have been in existence.

             Even before the capabilities to communicate by pictures, the tools to speak where in place! The flesh had formed to enable this to happen. going forward and backwards in time easy understands what I am trying to state. At some point in the future, humans started to speak. If the capabilities to speak where there before the ability to draw; why could people not speak? If then symbols where used to let's say replicate sound, like a musician. Then symbols you would say where before speech. Yet symbols represented speech, as of what people where trying to say.        

                Who firstly spoke a word? If they spoke it from symbols already written, they somehow represented symbols with sound! How did they even understand a symbol represented a one syllable grunt? How did they associate sound into a written symbol? because letters are just symbols representing sound. Sound represents speech! speech then came first? a symbol representing a grunt then came first? or was it a word representing a picture? How long was it before the picture of a tree was given a name? four letters representing sound? Apparently "millions" of years later speech evolved beyond one syllable grunts. Yet the tools to do so where there from the beginning!

                  Could anybody have copied there voice to find the letters from their voice; that they would have spoken? How would we know that our voice was a string of symbols to enable us to speak communicate?

               You say millions of years passed! Eventually people where speaking? Did language then start with a symbol representing a sound or sound representing a symbol? It takes many symbols in many different orders to make many words! Also many sounds representing symbols. spell a word out slowly and sound as a child would be taught to speak! The sounds then represented by symbols make words! To put  sounds into different orders to create words seems very complex. Yet the complexity of the speech tools is far greater formed firstly!

                Who would have taught all these things to others,  enabling the world to speak? Putting sounds in orders of words, creating symbols to put together to form a word! using some sounds more than once to create a written word. We only understand it as we see it!  It would have been like working out the greatest code ever to have come to the earth. It would have needed somebody to decode it; then somebody to teach it.

                  What came first? The word, the letter, or the voice, if the voice came first; how did the voice know the words? You also need the letters to make the words; and the words to be able to speak the letters. Without the letters you don’t have the word, without the voice you don’t have the word, and without the letters you can't have the word. Even if the voice came first, how were the letters found? Who put the letters together to make the word? Who ever thought they could put symbols together to represent sounds they could make and start to communicate?

                If the word came first, who deciphered the symbols from the voice? How many words would they have had to have had; to be able to decipher all the letters?

                If the letters came first before the word or the voice; how did they know the sounds that the voice would make to be able to make words from their letters, or the letters from the word? How would we have known that twenty six letters would make so many sentences? How would we have known what a sentence was?

                If letters came first, then how did we know we were saying letters? How did we make words from the letters knowing we would be able to speak the letters into sentences?

                Where did words come from? These days if a different word is spoken you can enter it into the dictionary, but I am going back through evolution from the beginning of the human race.

                All words put into the dictionary derive from the letters of our own speech. Speech came before writing. Though the alphabet must have come before the word, God must have had the alphabet then enabled us to speak from it. It otherwise seems impossible!

                If the tongue formed to speak then it pre conceded what it was going to be used for, because there was no speech before the tongue. evolution must have known what it was going to be before it formed. This is the same with the nose and the ears.


                A sentence is a combination of letters and words, a line of sounds making a word. If you progress from letters to words then to sentences; it seems almost impossible to know how this happened given the meaning of the word would have to be already in existence, otherwise the word created would not mean anything. It's almost like the meaning of the word had to be there, yet even the first few words that started speech did not have any meaning, it would take many words created by many sounds representing many symbols to be able to give meaning to even the first word! How would somebody explain what they were saying if the words to explain the meaning Where not in existence?


    The alphabet is just symbols representing how we speak




                The amazing thing about speech is that everything is just symbols representing sounds, nothing different to writing music. a string of short bursts of  sound together making a word, (You cannot argue with that!). which is awesome if you think about it. Music is lots and lots of compressed sounds,  making words; then sentences, strung together with other sounds.

                Amazing if you think we evolved that lots of short sounds make an understandable communicative  sound when put together. (How did the ears ever start to understand short bursts of sound?).  More amazingly;  the written word was deciphered from short bursts of sound to make words.  Bursts of sound then have to correspond to symbols that join together. (Different languages are different combinations of bursts of sound; represented by different symbols!)

               It seems very complicated to me. How many different bursts of sound strung together make words? Every language is the same! I am missing some more profound thought on this! If we read the symbols that represent the sounds, we string the sounds together by corresponding symbols. before people could communicate.  The first point as of the beginning of languages sounds where being made! (Though the tools to speak where already there, Does this not tell you that the knowledge of speech was before even the species spoke?)

                from the point of origin, sounds where being made. It stands to reason; somebody may have noticed this. "If you think we just evolved!" Therefore studying the sounds of others and highly probably trying to listen to him or herself!

               When we hear another language we are corresponding symbols to sound! Though different sounds put together make the written word understandable. ( any sound can have any symbol; yet to understand it you would have to know the sound to the symbol.)

                If you give a symbol to represent a sound the mouth can make, you have a symbol to represent one sound. This then says that the English language has twenty six different symbols representing different sounds the mouth makes, twenty six short bursts of sound quickly put together to make a word! You would have to represent every sound exactly the same; every time you used the sound to represent the symbol, otherwise the symbol does not represent anything! The complexity of language really is daunting.   if you put another symbol next to another symbol you then combine two sounds to make another sound. How where two sounds put together to represent another sound? if two symbols are together then two sounds are also! c k these can also be used to sound the same, cat for instance. Knowing these sorts of things really complicates the way we started to speak!

              If  you create a symbol to represent a sound;  you then would start to put these short bursts of sound together, to make a word.  Every time you hear yourself make a different sound,  you would have to  put each symbol down as a written symbol;  to represent sound. It almost seems as though  you would have to know forthcoming sounds to explain the sounds you where already making!

             Not all sounds the mouth makes; give an understandable word, to all individuals. There are many languages. yet to represent sound and symbol recognition, if I mix up letters. plibtuatueristateritory. This could be a new word! Let's say it is? Say the letters out loud. I tried to make  a word. This could be the first word ever to be written. The meaning of this word! A great book written by somebody of great knowledge. this is an example! When speech begun and somebody said a word they put sounds together, they would have to have then made up a meaning to the word. Their knowledge that sounds where together making words that explained the word. !"£$%^&$*(£-&^&*(£&+(? These are symbols representing the letters I have just written. It says the same as the other word in blue. You don't recognise it! but the sounds are the same. The tools to talk then must have known there capabilities before even used for the first time!

                Even though I would be able to make a new symbol for the letter t for instance, it would still be the letter t. How could I create a new letter for the language? If I change the sounds to the different symbols I have used, you would not recognise the word or the meaning!  you would not perceive the sounds to represent it. unless I told you the meaning to the new word. You would not understand the word you would have already  learnt. I then could give a new meaning to the new symbols I have just written; yet using the same sounds to represent the symbols. Having a base language representative of sounds can be changed. It has absolutely got to be more complicated. ( How can you say that speech evolved)  The tools to enable speech pre conceded any of what I have just said!)




    Who taught humans to speak?




                  Was there a teacher of speech at the time people where able to speak?  It would have taken somebody to have known and have studied  sounds to even realise they where hearing sounds.  To make and decipher letters for words they would have to in some way do what I am doing here! Verbal communication must have been known before it was deciphered? How can this be?

                 You could say it took millions of years to speak!(This millions of years explanation seems to be an escape from things that cannot be fully answered.)

                The parts of  the body that enable communication  must have pr conceded knowing that one day they would be needed to communicate! (This states to me that there must have been knowledge of speech before the parts that help human communicate where formed). Otherwise they formed at least knowing a purpose. The means to speak where already in place before use!

                Forget that you have any knowledge about speech! then string sounds together, create your own symbol for any given sound. Work from there and you may understand what I am trying to communicate to you!

                 Making symbols to represent each and every sound made, making these sounds to string together to an understandable dialect seems hard enough to understand now. (How hard would this have been to teach somebody?)

                letters would  have only existed after the point of understanding sounds. Somebody would have to arrange the sounds and put meanings to the sounds made " Stringing them together to be repeated to another, so they would understand" After arranging sounds and putting meaning to the sounds, then put symbols to represent the sounds made. At this point, others could have maybe learnt a language. Somebody of great intelligence would have done this! In all languages! Unless the language existed before the means to be able to speak them.

                 Communicating as we do with 26 different sounds strung together seems bizarre? Symbols are infinite, sound is also infinite, if we are making a string of sounds, I wander how many languages could be made? The more sounds that are able by the members of the mouth; the more sounds can be made and more symbols could be made to represent all sounds.

               There are only twenty six letters in the English alphabet?  Some knowledgeable person understood about sounds.  The knowledge they would make words from those sounds; to be able to communicate seems remote? The knowledge of communication must have came before communication, as to even think it could be achieved, Apparently making and listening to sounds together trying to make words?(The knowledge of putting the sounds they could hear from the mouths of others. Studying the sounds they made themselves,  representing  the sounds by symbols and realising they could string the sounds together, that this would enable communication by words; seems highly unlikely) Hearing one sound and putting a symbol to it seems unlikely, but to think those sounds would enable firstly letters, then words to communicate.  They must have some way organised  symbols representing letters.

                The creator of all things would easily Know all languages, So not to be deceived, I would have to know how many languages existed! In all races of people beyond this planet also. If sound being infinite and symbols being infinite. Together speech would also be infinite. language is almost primitive if there is no other life beyond this planet! It would always be primitive because its infinite. Even billions of years in the future other languages could be used, a billion years in front of that and so on.  

             I have used the language I speak, Obviously! The things written hear can be said about other languages; The unlikely scenario it happened with every language is very unlikely. There is a God!


          You could from here make some sort of code! By corresponding symbols to a sound. You would then register a pitch of sound with a symbol and correspond the symbol with an already known letter, otherwise recreating a letter and then referencing that symbol, making sentences using sounds and symbols. If government security the three could be separated and only work when brought together.



    who taught people to count?                                       



    What came first numbers or letters? The symbol or the word?



                You can count to many numbers using the Alphabet, by writing it, one, two, three, four, five, or use a symbol 1,2,3,4,5. How did the person who taught the people to count; know that they could also count in words?

                How did the number one as opposed to 1 come from the alphabet, as without the alphabet we would not have numbers?

                 What came first the symbol the  word or the Alphabet?

                 How could you derive the number one (spelt) . Which is three symbols represented by sound to make a word!  from the number 1 symbol? (High intelligence would be needed to fathom out sounds where being used.)  It seems impossible that the symbol came first because symbols representing sounds would need to be already in existence!

                Children are shown the symbol 1 first but the word must have come first, as to know what the number one was? the existence of sounds to represent symbols; would have needed to exist to change three sounds to one sound! There are four symbols representing the number one! O, N, E, 1. Three symbols representing sound. 1, must be an abbreviation of one. we associate the two sets of symbols to represent the same set of sounds.  

                The Alphabet must have been in understanding as to represent three sounds to one symbol. The number (one), would have had to have had a symbol introduced to associate the sound created by the three sounds when put together.

                The Alphabet came before counting. Counting must have come a lot longer after the Alphabet, because the number would have been written, rather than the symbol for 1, it would have had to have been written as a one before the symbol 1.

                Who spelt the number one and who gave it a symbol?  whoever they were Taught everybody all numbers and corresponding symbols for the written word, represented by lots of different sounds corresponded by symbols and represented a string of sounds to make one sound to make a symbol to represent the word he had created from the symbols he had thought up. ( obviously the symbols could be any symbols.) We see them as they are because we are used to them!

                 If God does not exist, who would have told everybody about the alphabet, and who was around for the first people to speak?  There must have been more than one person in existence at this point! somebody to listen to.

                             To conclude in part, if you think profoundly about this statement; it seems impossible that we evolved seeing there would have had to have been more than one person upon the earth at the point of communication, the flesh had formed to enable communication, therefore there must have been knowledge before people spoke.

                 There would have had to have been a great teacher to enable us to communicate. How would anybody have understood anybody else? It is taught these days. Does it not seem more feasible that God does exist. writing the alphabets and enabling us to communicate, even in different languages, picking a different nation and teaching them different ways to put symbols to sound?

                 I know in my heart that somehow I am not explaining this to it proper form, but if you think hard enough you will understand my logic. If we evolved there must have been more than one person in evolution.

                 Through the profound theories that govern my mentality and the boundaries of our being. How could I explain my words in detail, which you could understand?

                Deeply I know that the answer is sitting there, but in some ways I am missing the big input, that will enable my logic to reach you.

                 The alphabet came before speech, but humans learnt to speak before the alphabet. God would have known the alphabet and all numbers to count, knowing about short bursts of sound that form something to enable communication.

             I am still thinking as I have said I know God exist, I have seen him but even though I have seen him, I still have to answer questions as for people to believe; but this book does not necessarily answer questions, even though I know the greatest mystery on earth, as of where we come from. I still have to look around myself to convince others, though my task  great. Maybe this book will do that, and someday what I have just written will make you think.

             Please do not deny God, be open minded thinking yes there could be a God, and maybe you will understand my logic. As I am answering the one question many people do not know. God does exist.

                 How have we evolved to communicate? Don’t just think of humans, think, of animals, communicating, and the fact that we are the greatest life form. Why do we communicate better than animals? Think of animals, humans, and the alphabet, numbers, the sounds we make and where it came from. Also how many people; would have to have had a teacher? Or would have to have been surrounded by words already to learn the words they speak? But greater than this how did the tongue form knowing its purpose?

             With the knowledge received! I understand how God, enabled different languages. He firstly knew the sounds that could be made. Gave a symbol to the sound, connected sounds to make more sounds to make more words, to enable sentences and so forth. Every language was made in the same way!








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      Neat Website, Preserve the excellent work. Many thanks!

    Reader Comments (3)

    Wow, I am astounded you actually believe this to be true.

    October 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNate

    Well it is a mystery out there. Only you can believe it for it to be true...keep that in mind.

    November 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

    Hi I am so totally astounded with this article. I was held prisoner for many years by my ex mates. I was not allowed to talk to anyone unless it absolutely was necessary. It drove me insane.I now have and for years have been obsessed on how I talk. It has been driving me crazy for years. My question is this why does it drive me so nuts to want to know how we talk. Any help or responses would mean the. World to me... Thankyou tammyjo

    March 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTammy jo

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